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AVMC sticky mats

AVMC is a premium supplier of sticky mats, also known as adhesive mats, peel-off mats, decontaminating mats or tacky mats. Our sticky mats are widely used in lab research, hospitals, medical environment, industrial production, automotive, food processing, nuclear industries, clean rooms and more.

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Customizable to fit your needs

We offer a large selection of sticky mat sizes, colors and features. All tacky mats are ISO certified and have anti-bacterial properties. We also offer specialty type antistatic esd mat. All mats are made in EU and adhere to the highest standards of quality.

More about Sticky Mats

More about AVMC Sticky Mats

Sticky mat color variants

Polished to perfection

  • highly effective
  • anti-bacterial
  • not hazardous to health
  • ISO-certified
  • extra sticky, extra thin
  • single-use, maintenance free
  • optional anti-static treatment
  • optional box branding
  • AVMC signature shipping

What does this mean?

Designed to fit

30 – 60 peel-off layers per sticky mat

available in sizes from

60*40 cm to 152*91 cm

Complete list of dimensions
(in both metric and imperial system)

More about Rubber Frame for Sticky Mats

What is Rubber Frame for Sticky Mats

Rubber Frames are easy-to-use, install and maintain and allow for better manipulation and performance of the Sticky Mats.
gumový rám

Sticky Mats Rubber Frames Advantages

  • simple instalation
  • easy to use
  • many different sizes available to suit your Sticky Mats
  • longer life of the mat due to rubber frame protection
  • possible to move your Sticky Mats wherever you want them to be

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Delivering to 51+ countries
Over 40 different industries
Across 4 continents
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Our customers say

Excellent service, packaging and presentation - my congratulations to you and your team. I like to give positive feedback, especially when you did exactly as promised. Customer from Great Britain
Much better quality compared to the previous supplier. Our happy customer from Austria
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We are happy to announce, that our mats are now certified according to the ISO 13485:2016 norm. This certification further extends existing certifications for our products and attests to the quality of our product portfolio. We are happy that our customers can rely on the certified quality of our premium sticky mats. For full information […]

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