Frequently Asked Questions about Sticky Mats

1. How often do I need to peel-off layers?

This depends on the volume of traffic the sticky mat is subject to. For small teams, up to 10 people, we recommend peeling off a layer once per day. For larger teams of 10-25 personnel and constant traffic, we suggest to peel off a layer at least twice a day. For teams sized 26-60 it would be three times a day. For large teams (61-100 people) and heavy-duty environments we recommend to strip a layer at least four times a day to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Sticky mats offer the best solution for prevention of dirt, decontamination and bacteria spread in clean rooms and other exposed areas.

2. Do you offer samples?

Depending on your needs, we may offer free A4 samples sent free of charge. For larger-sized samples, please, contact us.

3. Is it easy to use?

It is very easy, below, please see below pictograms of how to use.

1. Clean the floor surface where you want to attach the mat (degrease and drain) 2. Remove the bottom protection film
navod04-WM navod03-WM
3. Holding the other end of mat with one hand, gradually put the sticky mat into position using the other hand 4. Step on the freshly placed sticky mat several times
5. Remove the top protection film
Peeling off instructions: Once the mat is no longer sticky, peel off another layer
Recommended storage: Store mats horizontally as shown on the picture