Rubber Frames

Sticky Mats Rubber Frames

gumový rám

If you like our products and find them suitable for you, you can buy additional accessories for your Sticky Mats.
We offer you special rubber frames for the Sticky Mats.

These unique frames:


There are many areas where sticky mats need to be used, but they could not previously be fixed to the floor – for example due to non-slip flooring or frequent wet cleaning of the floor. Also in areas where is needed to change the place where are  the mats placed.

Furthermore there are often heavy machinery that needs to pass the mats, but due to heavy weight, the sheets might be damaged. Frames secures that machinery will pass from the top and not from the side.

There is possibility to stick the rubber frames to the floor with double sided tape.

Extremely easy to use – just by putting on the floor.

Minimum height of 2mm and maximum height of 5mm.

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