Sticky Mats

rohoze-pres-sebe-WM Our adhesive sticky mats come in a wide variety of sizes and colors to match the multitude of environments and industries our clients work in. elow you will find a comparative dimensions tab, listing both imperial and metric dimensions, preview photographs of individual colour variants and an extensive feature list of AVMC Sticky Mat qualities and functions.

Sticky Mat sizes and dimensions

Imperial units
16×24“ 18×36“ 24×30“ 18×45“ 24×36“ 24×45“ 24×46“ 36×36“ 36×45“ 36×60“
Metric units
60x40cm 90x45cm 60x76cm 115x45cm 60x90cm 115x60cm 114x66cm 91x91cm 115x90cm 152x91cm
 other sizes available upon request

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Sticky Mat colors

Blue Blue is the industry standard for many laboratories, medical centers, clean rooms, data rooms and emergency departments and intensive care units.


White White variant is commonly used across the board in all industries.


Gray Gray variant is commonly used in industry productions, automotive and aerospace.


Green Green is most widely used in  kitchens and food preparation facilities and biotech facilities.


Red and Yellow Red and Yellow decontaminating mats are used in nuclear plants and in decontamination zones.


AVMC Sticky Mat properties

Highly effective

High performance icon
AVMC Sticky Mats are highly effective when correctly used, applied and when layers are peeled of as they wear out. We have an ISO-certified five step dust and impurity elimination system implemented in all our mats. The efficiency wast tested under a maximum of 150kg load.


Anti-bacterial icon
All AVMC sticky mats undergo rigorous ISO standardized anti-bacterial treatment to improve efficiency. This is especially important as they are commonly used in medical environments such as hospitals, ER units, laboratories, surgery rooms.

Not-hazardous to health

Heart rate icon
AVMC sticky mats are not hazardous to health, nor contain health-hazardous materials. They are suitable for use in intensive care units and ER rooms.

ISO certified

Certificate icon
All AVMC sticky mats pass the ISO quality standards. This is certified by CSN EN ISO 9001:2009 norm, the ISO 14001:2015 norm, and the ISO 13485:2016 norm. All of these norms assure world-wide quality standards.

Extra sticky, extra thin

Icon depicting layers
Sticky mat quality impacts the correct functioning. AVMC applies the highest industry standards in the process of sticky mat development, resulting in high level of stickyness and dust removal effectivity, while maintaining thin profile which prevents physical issues with installation, such as stumbling, or car/bed wheel obstruction.

Optional anti-static ESD treatment

Icon of shield with a lightning emblem
Sticky mats are highly sought after by data centers and server rooms as well as semi-conductor production sites for their dust removal and dirt prevention qualities. For this purpose, we offer an optional anti-static ESD treatment for all colors and sizes of our sticky mats.

Option box branding

Icon of a shipping box
High volume purchasers and distribution partners may request custom branding for their box orders.

Rubber Frames for Sticky Mats

gumový rám

We also offer unique rubber frames to everyone who likes our Sticky Mats.

What is so special about Rubber Frame for Sticky Mats?

gumova_rohoz_hrana ram_rez

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ESD sticky mats

Data centers, intensive life-care units and other environemnts may require anti-static treatment of sticky mats to prevent electrical discharges and interference.

Photo of Data Centre, where ESD Sticky Mats are commonly used