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Cleanroom worker and a doctor

AV Medical CZ provides premium quality sticky mats since 2002. The Europe based company has become the number one source of sticky mats to a large number of both large and small companies, across very distinct industries, from medical facilities through automotive to food processing plants.

Headquartered in the centre of Europe, Prague, Czech Republic, the company is well positioned to provide professional and fast shipping services with one week delivery times across Europe.

Please, see products pages for more information about AVMC premium quality sticky mats or contact us directly. Usual response time is withing a few hours to a maximum of 24 hours. If, for some reason, there is no response after 24 hours, please re-send the e-mail request or call us directly at +420 241 773 869.

Decontaminating mats

Decontaminating mats are made of polyethylene and complemented with adhesion component saturated with antibacterial substance, which kills bacteria. This design provides for perfect removal of impurities from shoe soles and thus prevents their transfer to the protected room. Therefore, the mats are a suitable solution for premises with high hygiene requirements. Most often they are placed before entrances to operating theatres, laboratories but also food processing and pharmaceutical plants, data centres and all places where highly hygienic environment is required.

Decontamination mat handling is very easy. Each mat contains 30, 40 or 60 numbered sticky sheets; when one sheet is contaminated, it is peeled off and another sticky film is used. In order to provide for variability of applications of decontaminating mats, the supplier offers several colour and size combinations to meet your requirements.

The mats are completely footwear friendly and do not leave any traces on shoe soles. Should you be interested, it is possible to create stripping mats with custom-made size according to your individual needs. When you order the decontaminating mat, the supplier will secure its delivery within one week.

Supplier of sticky mats:

AV Medical CZ s.r.o. (Ltd.)
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Czech Republic

tel. : +420 241 773 869
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