A New Product on Sale – Rubber Frames for Sticky Mats

We have started to sell a new product in our product portfolio – special rubber frames for Sticky Mats.

These rubber frames are suitable for many places, where ordinary Sticky Mats cannot be used. By such places we mean spaces, where the floor is often cleaned or where it is required for the floor not to be slippy. Or in places, where it is required to sometimes move the Sticky Mat.

Many times, our mats are used in places where heavy machines are driving across our mats, their weight destroying layers of Sticky Mats. This can be prevented by the use of our Sticky Mats Rubber Frames, as they protect the sides of the Sticky Mat.

gumova_rohoz_hrana ram_rez

Rubber Frames can be placed permanently to one place with the use of tape. It is not hard at all to work with our Rubber Frames – the whole application consists of placing our frames on the floor.

The frame is very safe to use, as it is made of rubber. You can choose the size of your frame – minimal height of the frame is 2 mm, the maximal height is up to 5 mm.

gumový rám


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